Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday night

It's week 7 out of 8 for weekend retreat.  We are exhusted.  Poor Noah won't be home until after midnight.  I however, will be very much asleep by then.



  1. One of my CILT girls is there this weekend. She told me last weekend when I was in Michigan that she was going up. I could have killed her. Could she NOT have mentioned that little fact when I was still in Ohio? I could have sent you some canned apple pie filling...or applesauce...or cookies. Ugh. So sorry. :o(

  2. oh funny! That would have been fun! Next time maybe...are you planning on taking the CILT's to Barakel this summer? Oh, and how's this for a small world, at the LAM orientation, there were two other CILT grads there. From a Cherith Camp in NY!


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