Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cleaning, Again

Today is cleaning day.  And I figure, since I am going to clean my house, I might as well do my camp cleaning in first thing in the morning.  Well, that and by Wednesday night I don't want to leave the warm house to go out in the cold to clean toilets.  So I do it before Noah leaves for work.

It's close to 11 and I have cleaned 6 toilets and a urinal, 7 sinks, 5 mirrors, 1 bath tub, and 1 kitchen floor.

A while ago, I introduced you to a cleaning friend, Vinegar Dawn.  Today I have two new friends for you to meet.

First, this is a new favorite.  Gloves.  I have some of the worst skin on the planet.  I blow my nose twice and the skin around it is as raw as if I had used sandpaper.  I wash my hand a few times, and they are cracked.  While in Miami, with all the moist air, my hands had a chance to heal.  That and the fact I wasn't washing them 613 time a day because of little kids.  Two days back home, and they were cracked and bleeding again.  So, I have broken down and started to use gloves to wash dishes,scrub the bathtub and sinks and whatnot.  It is helping.  Noah laughed when I bought them because they were so 1950's housewife.  But hey, there is a reason they did it.


No, I don't do this every week.  In fact, this is the first time I have scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees.  And oh my, are the floors clean!

Some of you mentioned last time that you would like to use Vinegar Dawn, but couldn't hack the smell.  Well, Let me introduce you to another natural disinfectant that smells not so picklely.


I use this on the diaper pail mostly.  But I am guessing that if you added a shot of Dawn it would be a disinfectant with a good grease cutter.  I get my essential oils at the Amish store, but I bet you could find them at a health food store.  And real Lavender doesn't have that nasty fake floral smell.  It's more spicy, earthy.  I have come to really like it.
Well, happy cleaning day!  I think it's time for a nap.  Scratch that, the boys are up.

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  1. I have recently become a HUGE fan of gloves! I picked up a few pair for FREE a while back, and now I can't stick my hands in the sink to wash dishes without them on!! (Although I picked up some FREE Dawn Hand Renewal dish soap this week, so I may try that w/o gloves.) I'll have to try the Dawn/Vinegar combo... I've been using a Bleach/Vinegar combo, and that seems to leave a sticky residue on surfaces.


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