Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For Forrest and Elliot

Forrest requested more photos of Noah and I, so I thought I would subject all of you to the photos as well. 

Remember, these are for our 2 1/2 year old.  Today was a good, but long day.  We had class most of the day, and then our personal consultation, which was a meeting to talk about our possable ministry assignment, to answer questions we might have, and go over some other details.  We didn't get done until about 5:30. 

We then had the oppertunity to go to a grocery store.  We have a dorm fridge and a microwave in our room so we bought some things to eat for dinners.  Two things I learned through that experience,  1.  I don't know how to buy prepackaged things and 2.  Man, it's expensive to buy prepackaged things!  Sometimes it's cheaper to eat off the $1 menu at Micky D's!  It's probably a wash either way nutritionally too.

There is a sweet older couple making lunches for us at the mission.  The lady scolded Noah today for not eating is veggies, which are from her garden.  Today she made a lasagna type dish but instead of noodles, she used zucchini.  Oh, it was yummy!  She told me all she does is cook and sew, and that's how she can serve.  What a sweet heart!  So I know that at least at lunches she will be giving us good healthy stuff. 

Tonight we are taking the Taylor Johnson Temperment Analysis Tests.  And that will be the evening.  We are both tired, but it's been a good first day.  We miss our boys and I have thought so very many times today, "what are they doing right now?" But it's very good there are in a place they can eat and sleep and play like they need to.  This would be miserable for them!

The weather has been great!  All the "natives" are wearing long pants and long sleeves, but we have been enjoying the sun and warmth!  What a treat!

Well, I guess I can't put that test off much longer.  Have a good night all.  Love you Forrest and Elliot!

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  1. That is a fun fun post! Keep enjoying that warm weather and your ministry!


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