Monday, January 18, 2010


I have always loved airports.  To me they mean an adventure is about to start.  I especially enjoy the big airports, O'Hare, Miami, Houston.  The people who don't look or dress like me.  The diferent languages!  Right now there is a guy sitting next to me speaking German.  So many people coming and going, to this place and that country.  Oh it is so fun!

Not so much if you have two kids under two in tow.  I was reading the Lonely Planet Guide to Traveling with Children and there was a statement that made me laugh outright.  Something to the effect of, "traveling with children is not fun, it's not an adventure, it's just hard."  Ok, that was an awful paraphrase, but cut me some slack, I am operating on 2 hours of sleep and a caramel macchiato here.  But you get the point.  And I must say, while I miss the boys and it is going to be dreadful to be away from them, it's been fun to just be Noah and I in the airport.

We're at O'Hare (Hi Jeremy and Erin!  Oh and Matt and Jenn!) know, a whole hour trip from Grand Rapids. It was a short flight on a small plane, where the crew talked way too much, sorta like those waitresses that keep asking, "Is everything ok?  Do you need some more water?  Can I get you anything else?"  every 5 minutes when you are out with your husband for the first time in months and just want to have an uninterrupted conversation.  Come on people, it's 6 am!  Hush already!

We've already seen a dinosaur and a lady laughed at my choice of footwear.  Exciting stuff, I know.  Hey, we don't get out much to the big, big city!

We should get into Miami around noon today, and this afternoon we start right in with LAM!  Crazy!  Oh, and did I mention it's suppose to be 74 and sunny?  Yeah, rough, I know.

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