Saturday, January 23, 2010

Boat Ride with Captain Doug

Most of our days here are spent in class and meetings at the MSO (Miami Service Office).  We are talking through such good stuff! Things like the philosophy of Partnership (something Noah and I have talked about and believed in for years.  One of these days I will get around to post explaining that all.), how we like to work, what our temperaments are.

We were working on a team activity in which we had to rank a list of 15 items in their importance of helping you survive on the moon.  Let's just say my team would have barley died which meant we get a steak dinner!  Thanks Dad for all those lessons on space!

On Thursday we were given the opportunity to take a boat tour of Bisque Bay and Miami.  What a fun night!  We arrived at the docks around 4 pm and didn't get back until close to 10.  Captain Doug was such a character, spouting Jeopardy questions on Disney, Biology or Geography left and right, belting out hymns at the top of his lungs, flowing in and out of marine biologist fish stories about 65 foot Right whales letting him scratch their backs, pirate dialect and talking about the Amazing Creator.  He even taught one of the girls how to dance at the restaurant.  What a character!

We were able to see the Port of Miami, one of the busies ports in the US, Star Island, where all this insanely wealthy people live, and the city of Miami during the day and night.



There was a pod of porpoise playing while we watched a cruise ship turn around to head out to sea.  We looked for manatees while we cruised up the Miami River into the heart of downtown Miami, but didn't see any.


On our way back to the docks, we were even pulled over by US Boarder Patrol.  Exciting stuff!  The captain was driving with what amounted to his brights on.  But it was exciting non the less. 


What a treat!  And it was so nice to get outside for a while!  This afternoon we are heading to a park for a picnic, bonfire, and just playing.  Oh, and since Noah can't not be a programer, he was asked to plan an ice breaker for the group.  Go figure.  One a programer, always a programer.

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