Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Weekend Update

Yesterday started with a trip to McDonald's by myself in the wee hours of the morning.   Then a quick trip the Amish store for whole wheat flour, cheese, and curry powder.

We have been enjoying these last days of warm and sun.  Ever morning I wake up and think, "is it going to snow today?"  So far, just a few flakes here and there.  Nothing really.  This weekend the highs were in the upper 50's!  I know that last year at this time we had snow on the ground.

We took a WonderWalk on the north end of the lake.  I have been out there maybe twice.  Noah showed us the owl house he built and we looked at milkweed pods, saw some deer and enjoyed the weak sun.  Such a different sun than the summer.  You don't even feel warmed by it.  Amazing what that whole the Earth is tilted away from the sun thing can do.

Before we know it, days like this will be replaced with the wintry white of the North.  Forrest keeps talking about going "snowing."  I am not sure how much he remembers, but he talks about wanting to go on the sled.  Just wait little friend, it will come soon enough and overstay its welcome.

Today we spent the day in Alpena.  We went to church there, went out for lunch at somewhere other than a fast food joint, and stocked up on groceries.  I am hoping this trip will hold us through Christmas, but we'll see.  Often we hit the "we gotta get out of this place" before the food runs out.


Tonight is studying for Noah and knitting for me.  The boys settled down well and I hope that means tonight will be peaceful.  Last night was reminiscent of this spring with the lack of sleep.  Have a peaceful night friends!



  1. beautiful pictures!! and happy belated birthday to elliot!

  2. Not that I don't like snow, I love a good snow, but James is rushing it too. I keep telling him to ENJOY the fall while it lasts. He keeps asking to build snowmen. We get that kind of snow MAYBE 2 times a winter, and I know you guys get it even less. Wet snow is a rare commodity...mostly COLD powdery stuff. Oh well, little boys get excited no matter :o) Wish our little ones could play in it together. Do you cross country ski?

  3. Thanks Rebecca! Jenney, yeah, I think Forrest things that snowing is just another activity we can do when ever!:) We do enjoy cross country skiing, and have groomed trails here at camp, but don't get out much because of the kids. Yeah, it would be fun if we could meet up at the park or mall!


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