Friday, November 13, 2009

An Uncollection

  • The Holidays are quickly closing in on us.  And that means I am frantically trying to get Christmas presents made by Thanksgiving, which means a lot less blogging time.  
  • We sent in our $200 deposit for LAM Orientation yesterday.  We keep praying God will bring the rest of the money in for that trip.  I think the total for the 10 days is $3500.  
  • I tried to make stir fry again last night.  Failure, again.  Cindy, Help!!! 
  • Tried to get a photo of the boys in their matching outfits from Buela, yeah, you see how long they sat still.

  • Elliot refused to take a nap all day yesterday.  All day.  
  • I am plotting how I can convince Noah a Christmas Tree Hunt in National Forest is a good idea.  He didn't seem exited about it at all when I brought it up a few days ago.

  • I am using a gift card I got last year for Christmas to buy Noah's Christmas present this year.  Now how's that for frugal?

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  1. oh my goodness - we have stir fry at _least_ once a week. It's one of my go-to meals since it takes just a little prep and uses only one-pot and uses up whatever veggies we have on hand! I will be DELIGHTED to talk to you through it! Call or email me any time!

    Also, Christmas presents by Thanksgiving? Wow! That's incredible!


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