Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh, the Places We'll Go

Forrest loves looking at photos.  Whether they are on the computer or in a photo album, it doesn't matter.  This morning, he wanted to eat eggs and look at pictures.  Ok.

Trying to find something new for him, I pulled the photo album of our trip to Costa Rica.  In 2005, we spent six weeks in San Jose, studying Spanish, enjoying the country, and praying that God would show us if Latin America is what He wanted for us.

It was that trip that confirmed for us that Latin America was where we were headed, and it's where, while lost in the mountains, God began to grow this idea of camping ministry in us. 

As Forrest and I looked at the pictures of volcanoes, snorkeling trips, bamboo forests, and city buses, I was struck with the realization, "my boys will get to experience this!"

I will get to show them volcanoes, the Caribbean.  They will get to met the Rastafarian in Cahuita that says, "Oh, those people in San Jose, they say we have to much pot, no mon, we have just enough."

They will see sloths, leaf cutter ants. They will snorkel in the Caribbean Ocean and see all manor of sea creatures with their dad, while I sit comfortably on the shore.  I have been to too many aquariums and I know what lives in all the beautiful coral, thank you very much.  I did it once, it was a good thing to do, not going to do it again.

They will see mountains, jungles, coffee farms.

Today I got a glimpse of the fun we will have.  I love that my boys will get to vacation to places like this, because it will be close enough.  They will be closer than us visiting, say, the exciting state of Indiana. Can you believe this place was $45 a night?  And it had hot water?!  Yes, that is optional there.

Of course, the most exciting thing for Forrest was the thought that some day he could ride a red city bus.  And, truth be told, that is an adventure for this country kid too.


  1. i LOVE these pictures! we were at that same volcano in our trip to costa rica this past spring. what a wonderful thought to raise a family in a setting like that. :)

  2. Yeah, that was fun to see Calvary kids at the same places! And I can't wait for you guys to come on Spring Break while we are in language school! You and Susanne need to be on that trip! Oh, and Matt too:)

  3. How exciting! We have missionary friends in Papau New Guinea, and seeing the pics is always soooo cool! I'm so glad I get to follow along on your adventures where God leads you.

  4. Indiana is WAY more exciting than Latin America :-P

    just kidding


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