Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cheap Prints?

It is that time of year, time to figure out the madness that will be our Christmas card.  In case you haven't been the recipient in the past, I have dug into the archives and found some of our previous ones.

This was the first year we were married.  Nothing too extreme, just, ummm, different than what normal people send to everyone they know at Christmas.

The second year, we hid behind house plants with our dog.  I can't find that photo for the life of me, which is making me sick, because now I am wondering what other photos I have managed to loose in their digital form.

This one is from the year we went to Costa Rica.  Yep, that would be us, with our dog, inside a dog cage, pretending we are on a shark tour.  Ummm humm.  I thought this was a great idea, until I starting addressing cards to our pastoral staff.  Oh well.  What can I say?

The next year, we were tumbling through space.  Again, I can't find it.  What other precious memories have I lost in digital form?  How the horror of it all!

This one was from our first Christmas here at Barakel.  Forrest looks a little perplexed, doesn't he?

And this was last year's.  Elliot was about 2 weeks old.  We were glad there was a dusting of snow on the ground.

You also have to understand that we don't write normal Christmas greetings on any of these either.  There is always something just a little off about them. Like when we hid in our house plants, there was mention of us being surrounded by the enemy and our ferocious dog beast Duncan had been wounded.  There was mention of help needing to be sent.  Or last years.  Something about our new pet elk named Bucky.

So, we have been racking our brains for this year, and I think we have hit on something.  It's going to be...you didn't think I was really going to tell you, did you?  You will just have to wait.  It's not even Thanksgiving yet.

But I do have a question for you all.  Anyone know of any photo print deals?  I'm talking like 6 cents or less.  Because we send one to just about everyone we have ever met.  I think last year we printed 450.  So yeah, let me know if you have any leads.


  1. For our Christmas cards, I "edit" the picture in Microsoft Publisher to include our greeting, etc., and then upload it to Snapfish.com. You can "prepay" for prints, I think they usually run around 9 cents each for 4x6. Then I order "x" number of 4x6 prints & send them as "postcards" in the mail... cheaper to mail and cheaper to print. We just affix (usually w/ a glue stick) a piece of paper on the back with a greeting and room for the address.

  2. snapfish has a deal for today only that if you order anything that is $5 or more, you'll get 100 prints free. So if you needed a fun, cheap little photo gift anyways for someone, you could order that and get 100 prints free. Here's info on it: http://www.snapfish.com/store/otsc=res/otsi=2009_11_17_100FreePrints_Purchasers_PickUp

  3. Thanks Ashley. We have been doing that for years. 9 cents is decent, but when you are printing 450, it's still up there.

    Amber I found that same deal! Thanks!

    I did discover a coupon at winkflash for 100 prints at 4 cents a piece! That's good, even if it is only a fourth of what I need:)

  4. My friend has posted 2 times in the past couple of week's about Kodak doing some free prints...you just have to randomly check their webpage. I tried to sign up to qualify or whatever, but it had some kind of thing my computer kept rejecting. OK, all that negative to say, it might be worth the try!

  5. Get 50 5x7 or 4x8 photo cards FREE with free shipping.
    Coupon code expires on November 30th.


    Use coupon code freebies4mom-1109

    I just read that the other day on a site I use. I haven't tried it myself and I don't know what the shipping is, but thought I'd throw it out there in hopes it'll help. :)

  6. Oh wait, shipping is free too. My reading comprehension is awesome, WOO!

  7. I used that site Rachel is talking about. You get the 50 free cards PLUS 100 free prints. So...150? It might be worth it to check out.

  8. I saw the floating through space one in Noah's office! It is not lost! Unless of course it has since been lost in the clutter of Noah's office...


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