Friday, October 2, 2009

Amazing Things

Couple of amazing things from yesterday. First, a friend dropped off a bathtub seat for Elliot. This poor child rarely gets a bath because it is back breaking work. He always wants to crawl, climb, splash, and basically be a land creature in the water. Yeah, not a good plan. Well, this wonder device hooks securely to the side of the bath tub and actually keeps him semi contained. Amazing!

The second is this cake. I used this recipe (scroll to the bottom of the post), added raspberry jam in between the layers and made a chocolate butter cream frosting. At the risk of sounding redundant, Amazing!


  1. It's 11:00 pm and I have to see a picture of chocolate cake?!?!?? This is pure torture. It looks so gooey and rich and and and

    I'm going to have a snack. Of applesauce.
    Maybe I'll make cake for the potluck on Sunday.

  2. I had two of those bathtub seats for Sarah & Leah. They were my saving grace! Can you still get them? I haven't seen them anywhere and I thought both Rachael and Leah might like one for the little girls.


  3. Kara, yes, make the cake for's one of Melissa's. And I hope you enjoyed your applesauce:)

    Becky! I don't know if you can still get them, I am borrowing it from a friend who had her first baby 8 years ago, so not sure when she got it, but yes, it's amazing! I think of your stories about the twins often with my Elliot! As much as Forrest stayed in one place and was content Elliot is moving and in to everything, all the time!

  4. I could not have susrived Jackson's baths in the past few months without that bathtub seat. I SEARCHED stores for them, but only found them online for around $30....nope. I finally found one at a garage sale. Praise God. I didn't have that problem EVER with my firstborn.


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