Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Calling All Ideas

So it hit me yesterday, in the next month we will spend approxiamately 27 hours in the van.

We will be heading to our home church downstate next weekend, as well as meeting up with Wes and Cindy and their kids. That trip will be 13 hours coming and going and all the in betweens.

Then, in just about enough time to unpack, do laundry, and repack, we will drive Noah to the Detroit airport, hang out with some friends in Canton, and then drive to my parents' for the week, to turn around the next Monday and drive back to Canton, pick Noah up at the airport, and drive back to Fairview the next day.

All with an almost one year old and a two and a half year old. Uhummmp. Am I out of my mind?

So, I decieded that the use of a portable DVD player is not uncalled for here. We are borrowing one from a friend. And I am not as concerend about Forrest. He can play with cars, color, read books, look outside, sing. It's Elliot that is causing me worry. All he wants to do durnig the day is crawling and climb and move. And he is too big for baby toys and too little for things like matchboxes cars. So, what do I do? I am offically calling all ideas for car activies, toys, snacks, and sanity saving devices.

Help a sista out here!


  1. Hmmm...we drove 10 hours to VA Beach and 10 hours back...but you have even more than that. I would suggest investing in a small Magnadoodle-even the very young get a kick out of using the pen. Also, if you have time, which I know you have TONS of, make up some Cheerio (or Aldi brand) necklaces on string. They don't eat them quite as fast. Um...if you can find one, the "Snack Traps" are also great. They have a lid that kids can barely get their hands in so they don't spill it all over the car.
    If you can deal with the mess, you might give Elliot a square box of full tissues (cheap as possible). He can work on pulling them all out and shredding them. You can then stuff them (whatever is salvagable) back in for hours more of enjoyment.
    A toy cell phone that makes you want to go insane with the sound of it is also lots of entertainment. I think I may never forgive my mom for purchasing us one at a garage sale, but in a bind it does the trick. Kids love to push buttons and get a reaction.
    Board books...old jewelry (I know they are boys, but boys love bling too)...some plastic dishes and a plastic spoon...Duplo Blocks in a shoe box.
    I can't think of more, but hopefully something of that will work. (We drive 5 hours one way to my parents house a few times a year)

  2. a magnadoodle has worked really well for liberty, even when she was younger (she's our very active one)....we've driven across the country a few times. board books. if you have a bag of toys you can switch out for something new now and then. good luck!

  3. annelise is captivated by the magnadoodle. they can color, color , color - then erase!

    as a sidenote - its times like these that i wonder what's wrong with the idea of setting up a pack 'n play in the back of your van and letting him run wild. yeah, that's not safe. but if it was, it would be the best idea ever!

  4. Rach, my dad suggested the same thing, only without the pack and play. The boys would totally love that! We have talked about when we are on the road raising support how great a motor home would be!

    Jenney! Super ideas! I will be adding some of them to the arsenal...I have a feeling most of the packing is going to be toys and such!

    Rebecca, yes, you have done a few of these trips! And we have a magnadoodel, I just hadn't thought it give it to Elliot yet...

  5. When we lived in Alabama I would drive home to Michigan by myself. (with both kiddos) I always had PLENTY of snacks and juice boxes on hand. I knew ahead of time where the DECENT rest stops were so I could plan on letting the kids run in the grass for a bit. When Jacob was Elliots age I would dangle toys from the coat hanger/handle bar on the ceiling. I used those plastic links that come with most play gyms and put a stuffed animal or something on it that he could swat at. He could play with it.. throw it... kick it... and it would always come right back. That way I didn't have to stop and pick up all the toys ever 3 minutes. :) But I also found that even when J was rear facing-- he enjoyed listening to the portable dvd player that Allie was watching.

    Good luck!! :)


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