Saturday, October 3, 2009

What Do I Use This For?

Right now, just for kicks, I am listening to music on my phone.

Ummm yeah. What?

I really don't understand when phones went from being phones to, well, everything else. Mine can take poor photos, low quality video, play music, and suppose I could text if we subscribed to that, but I am getting old, and texting totally dumbfounds me.

Mine phone can also act as a modem, for which I am so very thankful. Using it to connect to the Internet world at large is a very practical, sanity saving application.

But back to the whole music player thing. I don't really understand the practical application of this. Maybe it's my lifestyle, I don't really use headphones anymore. If I did, who would hear the baby splashing in the toilet, or fire alarm as dinner burns? Headphones just don't work. Maybe if I was able to do the grocery shopping by myself.

Ok, now that I am thinking about it, if I had a cell phone in college, this might have been handy. But I was the era of phone cards in college. We actually used that as our long distant plan when we were first married. Does anyone use a phone card anymore?

Now, if there was a way to take a song that I own and make that a ring tone, now that would be brilliant. But I am guessing that is only something that sounds good, because they usually make you pay for stuff like that, which I refuse, because really, why would I pay for something like that? However, if it was free, that's an entirely different matter!


  1. actually, you can make your favorite song your ringtone. :)


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