Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Never Ending Mess

I have been putting it off for weeks now, but with a major shopping trip to civilization scheduled for next week it had to be done. Sort through the boys' clothes. Uggg. I knew Elliot wouldn't need much, but Forrest needs some stuff for the winter, and I wasn't sure what.

And while it didn't take as long as I thought (probably because I didn't bother to reorganize anything, because really, why? It's just going to be a mess the next time anyway) I came away with the same feelings of frustration. How on earth do you organize kids clothes?

In our house, it has always ended up a huge pile of multiple sizes in some container that never stays folded or organized. I swear, the kids must go in there and rip it all open and fling it everywhere when I am not looking. I must have missed the chapter on what to do with kids' clothes in the What to Expect book.


I figured out the boys need (anybody have 3T boys pants and long sleeve shirts they are wanting to get rid of?). Now it's time to tackle the mudroom/laundry room/dumping ground for anything that comes into the house. But that is a whole other story.


  1. Yes, I have a bunch! I'm garage saling today, but I'd be happy to send them your way--I'm just not really sure the logistics of it.

    Let me know if you're interested and have ideas on how to do the transfer...

  2. At least you only have to worry about one gender of clothing - we have two genders plus "neutrals" that all need storing at our house! I have found that diaper boxes work well - put all one size/gender in one box and label with duct tape. Then they stack on the upper closet shelves. I'm hoping to eventually invest in some of the vacuum sealed bags for the clothes, to reduce the amount of space they take up. And of course, there's always the "stragglers" that some how lasted longer than the other of the same size and didn't make it into the right box.

  3. Dude. I can't even tell you what a mess my boys make of their room. OK, Abby helps them. They stand on the dresser and pull stuff out of the closet that is hanging up even. It sounds like you and me have been doing the same thing today!

    I have gotten rid of most of my size 3 stuff, but I could hang on to some 4T for you if that helps! There is always someone from Immanuel heading that way. :)

  4. Oh. I feel your pain. The best way we have found to organize is a tote with each size in it-because not all of our clothes are sized right. It may SAY 6-9 months, but if you don't put it on them by 4 months, they will never wear it! But they take up SO much room. I mean, we have 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, 12-18. 18-24, 2T, 3T, and 4T(waiting to be grown into). That is 9 totes!!!! Where do you put 9 totes????? They are not huge totes, but they are still there, stacked in the closet, the basement, and a storage area. We can't get rid of any because we're not done having kids, but if we have a girl next, I am going to GARAGE SALE THE DAYLIGHTS out of those totes!
    I don't think I helped you out any. But at least I feel your frustration.

  5. hahaha! Glad you understand Jenney! Yes, that is my problem...where on earth do you put all the bins! Someone on Facebook suggested large ziplock bags because then at least you can put a couple of sizes in each bin...I think that may work...I don't know. My mom who is still raising kids says she still doesn't know what to do with it all...and she has been doing this for almost 30 years!


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