Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Fine Line

We have arrived at the place where there is a fine, fine line between playing together and annoying the tar out of each other. What one moment is a study in the joys of siblings, playing, laughing, enjoying each other, can within the matter of a few nano seconds can turn into an all out brawl. Sigh...and they are just two and a half and ten months old.

However, here were a few moments today when they enjoyed having a brother. Elliot heard Forrest talking after his nap, and Elliot crawled his way down the hall, pushed open Forrest's door and they both started laughing and squealing. Too funny.


  1. Do they ever wrestle? Mine do CONSTANTLY and I am so scared someone is going to be husband says "it's just a boy thing". What do you think?

  2. Unfortunately that line becomes even finer over time. Last night, however, mine enjoyed themselves immensely by ganging up on ME instead. I was lying on my stomach on the bed trying to tell them a story, and The Widget bounced on my back with all his diapered force every time I started saying anything, which sent DramaBoy into such peals of laughter that he was gasping for breath.

    Good times.

    Now where was that number for my chiropractor?

  3. oh yes, those sibling brawls start all too soon! it is so nice when they are getting along. i love when they make each other giggle!

  4. Annoying the tar out of each other. Yep, see it all the time. Yet they can't STAND to be separated! I can't quite figure it out.


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