Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All About the Business of Play

Man, there is a whole lot of learning going on in our house these days! Elliot is moving like a mad man, crawling, pulling up on things, cruising the furniture. Today he decided he would take up reading. This is how I found him this afternoon. Funny child.

Forrest is busy at it too. Learning more how to express himself, "I don't want to" and "I don't think so." Tonight, he decided we needed to play ambush in the living room, complete with whistle, music, and a snack. How fun that he is learning the joys of Pretend.

Before I know it, they will want to know what makes things stick to the earth, and why baking soda and vinegar bubble.


  1. so fun!!
    levi is getting more and more fun by the day.. it's way better than that crazy awful sleep deprived coma for the first couple of months! :)

    are you guys doing anything fun with the down time you will have during the week now?

  2. It's amazing the leaps and jumps they make at these young ages. It exhausts me just thinking about it!

    Too cute, too. :)

  3. kids are like little sponges. it's so amazing to watch them learn and grow. and oh how fast it goes! nadia has already learned to crawl and pull her self up at things (coffee table, etc). and watching their little minds process things...wow!

  4. That is so funny he planned his own ambush. Like father, like son!


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