Saturday, September 12, 2009

An Uncollection

  • Yesterday I was able to tackle some of the obnoxious disorganization around here. Our entry way/mudroom/laundry room/dumping ground for anything that comes into our house. Oh my, what junk I found the depths of the closets and bins! But now, the two closets, laundry room and storage trunk are organized and picked up. What do you think the odds of it staying that way are?

  • Today the boys and I hit the road with a van full of stuff to get rid of. The recycle has not been dealt with since May. Yeah, it was starting to look a little trashy around here. hehehe.

  • There is still a half bushel of peaches starring at me. How long can I put those off? Not much longer I am afraid.
  • I need to research hemp liners for cloth diapers and micro sd cards, somewhere in the neighborhood of 8G. We need to have that much memory for the camera when Noah goes to Honduras next month. Oh wait...I don't think I ever mentioned that.
  • Noah is going to Honduras next month. He is going with a LAM missionary who is the director at a camp there. The goal of the trip to to explore this field as a possible future home. Crazy! I think I am going to need to do a whole post on what God is doing in this area. Maybe tomorrow.

  • Nap time is over, Elliot is up, wrecking havoc on everything he can find.


  1. for the micro sd card... and I might have one at home I can send you... if it's the right thing... we don't have anything to use it in, so if it's the right kind, it's yours... :) and buy the stuff on through so you can get a rebate, too! :)

  2. wow! That would be great Ashley! Thanks! And I am sure you know the address:)

  3. Hi! We've never met, but I enjoy reading your blog. I'm coming up for ladies retreat next week. Is there anything you'd like/need from "civilization" (Costco, Trader Joes, etc.)? I'd love to bring it up for you.

  4. Hi Liz,

    I haven't been onto my blog in several days (evidenced by my lack of posts since August 24 and the length of time it took me to see your thank you to me)! I love your blog! How wonderful that Jan sent my article to you and you piped up ... we'll have to connect over the whole Latin American missions thing that is big in both of our lives!

    God bless you with immeasureable joy today, Liz! And you're welcome for the article. I have to read it every once in a while to remind myself of what God did lay on my heart, ha ha! =) It's not easy stuff to digest, but His Spirit is with us all.

    Your family looks so precious!

  5. Kel how sweet! Thanks for thinking of us! Actually I need a bottle of lemon juice and a big box of raisins. Thanks so much! I probably won't see you until Sunday at lunch because I can't bring the boys into camp until then. Can't wait to meet you.

  6. the stuff! See you Sunday!


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