Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blogging at 70

Yes, yes, that is a current photo, admittedly a very bad one, but it's from about an hour ago. We tracked down a camera to take with us!

We loaded up the van, which is mostly full of food, and we are on our way to Holly, MI. Forrest thinks we are going to eat hot dogs in the tent on the ballfield and maybe there will be a tiger. He's a bit confused on what is happening. We told him we are going to the zoo and there might be a tiger, and he really liked the pretend camping we did a couple of days ago.

So, we are off. Enjoying seeing many tractors, semis and all manor of trucks. See ya when we get there. Or maybe if something oh so very intresting comes across our path.

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  1. Seriously....Noah's face cracks me up in this pic!


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