Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Alright, before anyone mentions it, yes we live at camp. And yes, we still want to camp. So, it was with very good intentions that we planned a night out at the RV park here on the property.

Umhummm. Good intentions. Then the peaches needed to be canned. Then Elliot was up every hour and a half last night. Then we realized this wasn't going to be anything like the camping trips we enjoyed prekid. No sitting around the campfire until all hours, no reading whatever for however long we would like. Oh, and then the thought dawned on us. "We, as in all four, including the super screamer, will be in one tent, which is really just the great outdoors, thinly veiled. Literally."

So, we opted to pretend. Just this once.

We set up the tent as a "little house" for Forrest. It ended up working well to keep Elliot the super speedy army crawler contained and away from the fire. We cooked hot dogs, brought along a can of the peaches that didn't seal (which Elliot fell in love with), and ate Supper on the Ballfield...kind of. Noah picked a spot right by the "desert," read sandbox, so Forrest could meander his way back and forth.

We also took a trip to Thunder Express. And then it was time for somores. Forrest, while he liked the abbreviated version, sans chocolate, did not like the fact that his fingers were glued together with the sticky, warm marshmallows. It was hysterical watching him, in his confused state, trying to figure out why food was adhering itself to the side of his face. This kid likes to be neat.

After about two hours, we called it good. Although you would never know it by how dirty we all were. Looked like we had been camping for a week.

Maybe next summer they both will be big enough to spend a night outside. We'll let you know how that goes.

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  1. A for effort, definitely! I remember last summer when we camped thinking "this is it" no more reading books lazily as we stoked the fire for hours on end... camping will never be the same... at least not for oh 15-20 years or so. :)

    hope you enjoy your mini-vaca!


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