Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Night

I am outside, enjoying a few stolen minutes of quiet work in my "garden." Plucking those fading blossoms, watering, soaking in the little sun that makes its way through the trees. And I hear it. The voices drifting across my yard from the valley.

"The other day... I met a bear...out in the woods...oh way out there...the other day I met a bear...out in the woods oh way out there..."

I had to smile. It's the summer staff girls. They are enjoying another tribe day, this time on the East Side. That means that tonight is the overnight in Snow Valley. In about an hour, they will load up their gear, and head to their campsites for the night. This will be the easiest overnight they will have all summer. There will be cooking over the fire, laughing, talking, playing games they might play with their campers. Tonight, around 8:30, they will head to Girls' Chapel in the Woods. And then there will be a night under the stars.

If you think of it, pray for me tonight. I will be talking with the girls, just ever so briefly, but I still want to say the right things. I don't get much time to interact with them because of my two little darlings, so I want to take advantage of moments like tonight.

As I walked back into my house, I thought, "Amazing that I get to live here and work with college kids. How very fun!"

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  1. oh i can just see it and hear it now! how fun! makes me wish i was of "camper age" again.


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