Friday, June 5, 2009

Swirling Thoughts

Tonight, instead of sleeping, I have swirling thoughts. My mind feels like one of those, ummm games, that you put a coin in and the centripetal force pulls the penny down on it's edge...anybody know what I am talking about, or is that a weird daughter of an engineer childhood experience?

Anyway, we have some things to think about, big things actually. They are mostly on the back burner now because of summer being in full swing, but my mind is swirling.

That and I got a couple of new knitting books from the library today. Theses are very nerdy. Historical knitting patterns made from old photos of fisherman in tiny villages in Europe!

I can barely contain myself. You mean, I could, with my limited knitting knowledge, knit something that some woman 150 years ago knitted for her husband to keep his snug and warm when he was out fishing to provide for his family? That is just one of the best things I can think's like a primary source I get to use every day. Right up there with cooking with an ancient recipe!

Just think about that one for a minute, using an old recipe, you are creating something to eat that someone else ate, 50, 100, 200 years ago!

Wooow...told you these were swirling thoughts.

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