Friday, May 8, 2009

Clouds and Curry

Yesterday was beautiful, warm, sunny, beautiful clouds (have I mentioned I am something of a cloud nerd?). Just seemed like a good night for the sudo chicken curry I make. I by no means claim to make authentic curry, especially since I have never had authentic curry. But we enjoy what I do make.

First, grab the third world bucket of rice. Yes, that right, bucket...we go through so much rice, I decided I would buy the big 20 pound third world bag. I then took my third world traveled friend to help me find the perfect container to keep said rice in. We wound up with a paint bucket with a super sealing lid from Lowe's.

Anyway, back to the curry. So, 2 cups of batsomi rice into the rice cooker. Flip the switch...

Then to dice the onions, throw those in the skillet with olive oil and some salt, pepper, and curry powder.

Now, chicken, cut into bit size pieces. Oh, and a little more curry powder.

Slice some cucumbers, add a little dressing...

Back to the chicken. A cup of homemade plain yogurt, about a half a cup of sour cream, a little more curry, stir....uummmmm...smells so very good!

And there you are, curry on a perfectly cloudy day.


  1. I love chicken. I love rice!
    My kids don't like rice. How can that even be possible? I always threaten to send them somewhere that eats only rice, I think it would grow on them.

  2. Pardon my terribly poor grammar in above comment. I'll blame it on sleep deprivation. I know you understand.


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