Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Uncollection of Thoughts

What a whole lot to talk about. Instead of some sort of pulled together piece that has a great flow to it, I have decided it would be much much easier to do this in bullet points with photos.

Sorry. Maybe tomorrow I will have a nice, punchy piece for you to read. Tonight, though we are going to stick with the bullets.

  • I decided to surprise Noah this week. After longer than I care to admit, I got around to sewing the patches from our travels on to his back pack. I also managed to get mine sewn on as well. And let the record show, he has 7, and I have 8. He was very surprise (because I actually had to order a few) and was happy to have a new look to his backpack for the summer.
  • Mother's Day has been all weekend. On Friday Noah took Forrest to get flowers, tulips, for a taste of Holland he said. Yesterday they made me a card, complete with an "S," a caballo (horse in Spanish) and ball. And today, they made me a purse cake and somehow my gift of Elliot's birthstone earrings ended up in the cake. What fun!
  • Elliot is doing better sleeping during the day...nights, well, that's sort of hit or miss. But what a sweety he is! Just look at this pixie!

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