Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I have not slept through the night in at least 6 months. At least. Remember posts like this before Elliot was born?

And it isn't like Elliot just gets up and plays. Nope, he is up screaming at the top of his lungs. And a lot of days he screams at the top of his lungs too. In fact, he is at it right now...and has been since around 7 tonight. And today was a fussy, unhappy, no sleeping day.

All that to say, we are getting very worn out over here. You know, almost to the point of insanity due to lack of sleep. My mom always says you can go about 4 days with almost no sleep before you really start to go nuts...we'll, we are officially nuts than.

If you think of it...pray for us. All humor aside, we really are at our wits end and aren't sure what to do next. We have read tons of books, talked with a lot of people, and prayed about this a lot.

Sorry this is such a downer of a post.

On a happier note...
Last Friday, we had our family photos are some of the results on Daniel Pesta's blog.


  1. I do know how you feel. So tired I'm just a shaky weepy mess. I've heard people say sleep is overrated. Those people haven't been up for days on end with a fussy infant. I will pray for you tonight. Maybe he's coming down with something? Seems too young for teeth. I want to solve everyone's problems, can you tell????

  2. I'm sure you've tried just about everything, but have you tried the Miracle Blanket? It's a special swaddling blanket that saved our sanity with our oldest. Google it.

    I'm with ya. I'm still sleep deprived and I'm over a year ahead of you in terms of baby-stuff.

  3. WOW! What *gorgeous* pictures!! They really capture your spirit! :)

  4. Oh Liz! I am praying for you!!! I think being without sleep is one of the worst feelings I have ever endured. Especially with a crying baby. I have no advice, sorry. I do have prayers and I will offer them up on your behalf today.

  5. so sorry you're not getting sleep. don't have any advice for you...but we will definitely be praying praying praying!!

    love the family pictures!

  6. have you talked with beaux & lisa? i know acacia screams at the top of her lungs a lot at night and much during the day. maybe they have an idea?

    praying for yoU!


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