Sunday, April 19, 2009

Elliot's Dedication

Part of the reason for the trip downstate this weekend was to say before our family, friends, and sending church that we will, by the help and grace of God, raise Elliot to know the Lord. It was a good morning, and Elliot was happy, well, at least didn't fuss, through the service. We then had an ever so yummy lunch my mom made with family and friends.

While yesterday was a warm, wonderful sunny day, today is cold and rainy, so the plan is to stay inside, snuggle down and enjoy each other and the babies. So nice we didn't have to head home today, giving us extra time to just be.

Well, enjoy those around you today.

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  1. liz.. i just looked at those pictures. they are beautiful! and i'm glad that elliot's dedication went well as well!


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