Thursday, April 30, 2009


So, a while ago I posted about how my sewing machine was on its way out. It was a battle worthy of WWII whenever I needed to mend something, heaven forbid I actually wanted to make something new!

Now, this was the machine my mom bought when I was a baby and gave to me when I was twelve. I have this thing about things. I think it has to do with the historian in me. I know there was nothing incredibly valuable about that particular machine, but it was my mom's...she had made things for me and my sister on it, and since I have a love for all things old...a very unAmerican feeling really, I wanted to make it live...

However, I, coupled with the unAmerican love of old, I have another unAmerican value of using my money wisely. It was going to cost at least $65 to take the machine in again to have it looked at and probably more than that to actually fix it. With all that, I decided it was time to look into a new machine.

I quizzed all the sewers I knew, and determined that a new Kenmore (my current one is a Kenmore) was a good option. So, when we were in Traverse City last time, my mother in law and I headed to the nearest Sears. I looked, prayed and agonized over the decision. This was an emotional get rid of the machine from my mom. So this wasn't just about getting something new.

I was a wreck...I hate "big", sewing machines, oh man you should have seen me when we bought our house! Anyway, I ended up with this Kenmore, at about $70 off. I called Noah about 3 times to talk it over with him...

When I got it home though, I was so glad...didn't have to fight with the thing at all! The only reasons I had to stop was to deal with kids, not the machine itself!

And then, two weeks ago, when we were down at my parents', my mom gave me the sewing book my grandmother had used, which was also the one that my mom learned to sew with. Noah asked if that made up for having to get a new machine, and oddly enough, it did.

This particular Grandmother I haven't seen in 20 years, because she desperately needs Jesus and is hurt and so she hurts others. This book is probably one of the few things I will ever have of hers. Which is sad. And I am sitting here crying over this. Didn't expect that to happen. It's awful to see the way Satan deceives people into living without Christ. There are times like today when I get angry, because my grandmother should have been one of the women in my life to teach me how to be a woman. I wish I had memories of her teaching me to sew instead of just a book that used to be hers. But I do have the book.

Ok...well, that ended very differently than I had anticipated, but that's part of the fun of writing I guess...and reading others' thoughts on never know what you are going to get.


  1. Satan. Don't you wanna punch him sometimes? My grandma did teach me how to sew, so I know what you're talking about. You just keep praying for grandma, you never know what can happen!

  2. i'll be praying for your grandma, too.

    and so glad you were able to get her book...and a new machine!


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