Sunday, May 3, 2009

Growing Up is Hard

We are now a one binky family. Elliot is the only one who gets to indulge.

Noah declared on Thursday of last week that we were going cold turkey. We tried that for a whole hour of screaming and I decided a better option would be to cut the end off the thing, effectively making it 'broken.'

Who knew that Forrest likes 'broken' binkies. It didn't phase him in the least! Oh dear.

We were at my parents' briefly this weekend, basically a lay over so that we didn't have to drive 3 1/2 hours on Sunday to visit a supporting church, and my mom said to Forrest, "Forrest, binky is all brokey...should we throw it away?" To which he responded, "ok" and marched over to the garbage and threw it in.

However, last night and tonight he has asked for it, and he has been in bed for 2 hours at this point without falling asleep. Growing up is hard. He still has his ni night through, and that thing can go with him on his honeymoon if he wants...I am not taking it away from him. Let his wife do that. But I'll do her the favor of breaking him of the binky.


  1. Yeah that's a rough one. We tried the "broken" thing too, but it wasn't very effective. What ended up working for us (not sure how Forrest would do given he's a bit younger than Joshua was) was "Paci Fairy." Basically same idea as tooth fairy and we didn't really have any trouble with him since, and just reminded him that the paci fairy had traded him. Good luck. :) And if it takes another year, no biggie! I'm sure he won't need it for long...

  2. He's so cute sleeping with his hand in his pocket!

    Hailey never was a paci kid and I didn't realize how lucky I was. Keegan is totally hooked on the paci. He's only 19 months so I am ok with it for now. A couple of weeks ago, my husband tells him "I'm just going to take all your pacifiers out and throw them away, it's time for you to be done". HEY NOW BUCK-O. Unless you're gonna be takin a couple weeks off work to deal with Mister Crankypants and his paci-withdrawl-hissyfits and the backlash of screeching all night instead of peacefully sleeping with a paci in the mouth and a paci in each hand- well, then YOU don't get to lay down those kind of laws. So there. He didn't push the issue. Wise.

  3. i love his hand in his pocket. too cute! good luck with your endeavor. levi isn't a pacifier baby, but he does suck his thumb, and i'm not sure which i'd prefer. i can't get rid of his thumb when he's 2.

  4. third the "hand in the pocket" cuteness!

    fortunately annelise never liked the binky. but she sucks her fingers. i think braces are a worse consequence than missing a few hours of sleep at night. sigh...we all have our vices don't we?

    PS - got your card. you're so sweet! matt said "liz is so nice to send a card. who thinks of that?" to which i kindly and lovingly responded, "stay at home mom's who don't work." he didn't laugh. :) miss you too!

  5. Yeah, he has a thing with pockets right now...such a little man! Rach you crack me up!:)

  6. Jenny was okay with a broken pacifier too... we tried throwing it away a few times. We finally ended up "forgetting" to take it with us to Jason's sister's house one weekend, and she hasn't used it since! Hope Forrest recovers soon! :)

  7. the breaking of the binky is definitely hard! hope things go smoothly. we cut liberty cold turkey and she cried and screamed at every sleep time for a week and a half. it was torture, but we couldn't make any other way work.


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