Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cheese! here's the story...

Last week, we, as in camp, somehow got a tip that a semi full of meats and cheese had tipped and the company was "writing it off" which meant that we got whatever we could get back to camp for free.

What a a huge blessing! So much of it can be used for camper meals. But there was some stuff that the kitchens just can't the staff got it! And it's amazing stuff!

This wasn't your average Colby jack or cheddar, which is great...oh no, there was feta (I LOVE) brie, panchito, limburger (never had, want to try) fresh mozzarella, swiss...and the list goes on and on!

Not only did God bring us cheese, but it was fun cheese. Kind of reminds me of the meat that we get...we don't just get hamburger, we get porterhouse steaks too! I am going to be doing some summer staff leadership dinners this summer and now I can have some GREAT h'orderves for them without blowing our budget!

And I was able to get a bunch of spreading cheeses for a coffee house that my sister and her husband run. If you live anywhere near Grand Rapids, you need to check out the Pavilion on Bridge Street. They have free coffee and bagels and they have been praying for cream cheese to serve with them. Check out their website!

Now, my question is...can you freeze brie?


  1. did you get gorgonzola? that's my new favorite!

    what a blessing! isn't it so fun to watch God provide?

  2. no gorgonzola...but another g one...ummm something for foundue...its' a Swiss fun to see how He works it all together! And gives us blessings in the process!

  3. gruyere...

    Oh yum!!! We LOVE cheese in this household, and boy do we go through it. So jealous!

    But, that's awesome that you were able to get so much useful and fun stuff. I love free stuff. :)

    Happy Eating!

  4. Thanks Liz..yes, that was the one! Yes, we go through cheese like crazy at our house too! So this was a huge deal for us!

  5. what a great blessing! we love cheese here, too!

  6. Jealous jealous jealous--I have such a thing for cheese, especially the luscious kinds you received!

    Of course, I'd probably binge and add fifteen pounds, so maybe that's all to the good.

    And I just looked up the whole freezing thing: soft cheeses are not recommended for freezing. If you do, it will alter the texture and even the taste. One expert said you can get away with it, but the cheese should then be used in cooking--it will not be suitable for eating otherwise.

    Cheese Guru out.

  7. My husband was very jealous about your cheese. He wishes this would happen in front of our house.

    And oddly enough, I don't see any Velveeta in those pictures...


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