Monday, April 27, 2009


You can tell a lot about a person from their desk.

Right now mine is a mess, piles everywhere. Yes, I am a pile person. Drove my mother nuts when I was a kid. But she always told me when I had my own home, I could leave piles wherever I I do.

Here is what's on my desk right now.
  • 1 support binder
  • 1 box of brochures, prayer cards, and pledge cards
  • 1 address to write a thank you note for the maple syrup a couple sent to the staff here
  • 1 calculator
  • 1 meal card, filled out for this last weekend
  • 1/2 sheet of labels
  • A manila file folder of stuff about Latin America Mission
  • Lonely Planet's Costa Rica Guide
  • 1 manila file folder of medical receipts
  • 2 missions magazines
  • The Better Homes and Garden's Home canning cook book
  • The Singer Sewing Book that was my Nana's
  • 1 homeschooling catalog (much more about that all later...don't judge me just yet)
  • 14 thank you cards that need to be written
  • A basket full of Kamper Update letters that need notes, and postage before they can be moved off my desk
  • 2 letters addressed to Parenting Magazine and BabyTalk Magazine that I haven't had the guts to sent yet.
  • The book, Writer's Market
And that is just what is above the plastic sheet.
So, here's the game...what is going on with all this stuff? If you were trying to figure out my life right now, what would you say about it based on all this stuff?


  1. hmm.. i don't know, but are you thinking of canning?!?! ooohhh.. pick me. i've done it for several years now and LOVE it...
    and letters to parenting and babytalk... i dont' know, but i bet its good and i'm guessing they said something you disagree with at a fundamental level....
    and homeschooling...
    i'll wait for your next post ;)

  2. you're a mom of two

    who hasn't slept through the night in 6 months

    at least that's what i see!

  3. We have so much in common- your mom is like my mom, and I love piles, too!

    Do you speak Spanish fluently?

  4. I would say you are a planner. A busy one....but a planner nonetheless.
    Your desk sound fascinating! Thanks for the peek into your world again.

  5. I would say that while the content of our desks is not identical, the appearance is (mine MIGHT be a little more paper-heavy, but then I have 150+ students and THEIR "junk" there too, so...)

    So I'd say we have a good bit in common!

    Oh, and because this is too perfect for words--my word verification is "lazin"!!!!

  6.'re a mommy who cares about your boys and does the best she can to make a good home, and who writes to express herself...As far as the letters to the editor, I'd love to see them. :)


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