Monday, February 2, 2009

The New Living Room not complete new, but a new arrangement. Remember that post about a $50 makeover for the house? Well, here's the start.

I am headed to Ikea (Yeah for field trips!) next Monday and I have my list of little bits that I want to get to finish giving this room a fresh face.

On a completely different note:

Forrest learned how to undress himself today during nap time...great. He stopped short of the diaper.

On another completely different note:
Putting markers between your toes isn't only good for them, but it actually feels pretty good.

P.S. I can't remember where I learned it was good for your feet, but if I figure it out, I will let you know.


  1. geez oh peets... weeping emotional mama over here, crying at your small post to me... i know it will be fine, but gosh i'm scared to death.. right now mike basically does everything but feed him, and the thought of taking that all on come wednesday is overwhelming to me... my doc said no stairs which is fun because we have a townhouse, so mike has moved our kitchen cart upstairs and turned it into a pantry, brought up the microwave, and went grocery shopping for meals i could eat for lunch that i could microwave.. he is going to pack the cooler with ice in the morning with milk and drinks, so i don't have to go downstairs at all... he is such a blessing.... just trusting it into God's hands, knowing that he'll give me the strength i need for wednesday, and praying it'll be a good nursing day. it's hard, and most days i feel like a feeding trough, and i'm so exhausted when i'm done i don't even want to hold him which just makes me feel worse... gosh darn these hormones, crying one minute, not the next, and crying again....

  2. your living room looks so cozy! great job!!

  3. You have really cute feet. After your 5th child you won't be able to post pics like that anymore. Trust me.

  4. Kara, that's so funny that you say that, I hate my feet! They are flat as can be, and the toes all do weird things...and just this winter my heals started to crack...but, they sure do a good job of keeping me upright:)


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