Saturday, January 31, 2009

Heat Wave

A heat wave hit us today, you know a whopping 25 degrees! But after several weeks of daytime temperatures in the negatives, we will take it. It's been too long inside. We even had to resort to bring in a bowl of snow to play with.

Since it was so warm, we bundled the boys up and headed down to watch Noah ref a broom ball game. This was the first time Forrest had seen a game played, and he was quite impressed. And desperately wanted to be out on the "iceee." Elliot enjoyed the sled ride and got so excited that he promptly feel asleep.

Fresh air is good for the body and soul.


  1. i can't wait to get back outside! two weeks of kids being sick and the temperatures being too cold the week before that... glad you & the boys enjoyed your excursion!

  2. amen! we love fresh air - but of the warm nature. ;)


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