Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun Field Trip

So, I am reading a book about blogging right now, The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging. I am not going to endorse the Huffington Post, I haven't seen enough of it to say anything either way, but the book has been very interesting and helpful for me.

Anyway, there is a quote from Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project Blog (again, not necessarily an endorsement, just giving credit where it is due) that really resonated with me. She says, "Weirdly, it's easier to blog every day than it is to blog three or four times a week."

Oh, so true! I get backed up and then overwhelmed with how to share all that has been happening. Case in point, this last weekend. I haven't talked about it at all, meanwhile, life keeps trucking along. So here goes...

We had a great little "Blow the Cabin Fever Away" couple of days in Traverse City. We stayed at the Cherry Tree Inn, swam a lot, did some shopping, ate out a couple of times and thoroughly enjoyed the cement! (Since moving to the woods, we enjoy vacations to cemented areas.)

One of my goals was to hit the local thrift stores...I am working on making a playroom for the boys and there are always good finds at Goodwill and the like. As I am walking into the huge mega superstore Goodwill, I see the coffee table I want, it's low, long, perfect for an art table for the boys, in the arms of a homeless guy! Ok, that is jumping to conclusions, and he could have totally been a millionaire, but you get the point! I did, however, find a glider rocker for $24 and a large bolt of fabric for $2, so over all it was a successful trip.

We came home feeling rested and ready to take on the next few weeks of retreats. Hard to believe we are halfway though the winter retreat season!

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  1. i love goodwill! when we were living in flint my sister, mom and i would go "goodwilling" on sunday afternoons. there are like 5 goodwills in the flint area. anywho. glad you had a nice little get away and found a couple of nice deals. elliot is so precious!


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