Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Of Course...

Life would happen to get really busy right after I declared to the all of the internet world I was going to post every other day. It's been um, a week?

Anyway, we are not going to focus on failure today. Instead we are going to point out that yesterday I deep cleaned my kitchen. Ok, it took about 5 hours longer than I wanted it to, but it looks great! Now to convince the family not to eat, get messy, or in any other way spoil all my hard work.

Because it's late January, it's time for cabin fever. In a desire to battle that, the whole house is getting a make over, on about a $50 budget. So, what that means is we (read I) are going to deep clean everything and move furniture around. But never underestimate that as a way to update a house. So, today we (again, read I) are going to tackle the living room/dinning room area.

We'll see what we come up with.


  1. N, L, F, and E (NELF??),

    Congrats on baby E!!! Loved the pics you sent! We have a new Bloomington address- we changed school districts. Our twins are 2 yrs and 3 months now- and not at all interested in the potty! Let us know if you ever want to come by for a visit! We live in town now! Your CR friends, Lara, Gregg, Clara, and Christopher

  2. yeah.. it's not fun. they make me breath in this "respirex" then "cough it out".. mm. yeah, that's fun... i actually feel like i feel more sore from 22 hours of labor than my incision... but i am sore...

  3. Lara!!! So good to hear from you! I was just thinking about you guys the other day, still have your photo from last Christmas when the twins were babies on our fridge...missed getting one from you this year! Hope all is well! Are you back at school? Will you head back? Can we get your new address? You can email it to me at


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