Thursday, January 22, 2009


Believe or not, this is my 101st post!

I think my goal for this next year is to post 182 1/2 times, every other day, to make myself write. However, it might just make me realize I really have nothing to say...but it's worth a shot.

And in honor of 101 post, here are 101 random things about me, my family, and our life.

1. Noah and I have been married for 5 1/2 years
2. We have two boys under two
3. We were teachers, but now we are camp people
4. We want to do camp ministry in Latin America in the not so distant future
5. I have a very hard time having babies!
6. We had salmon for dinner last night
7. Someday I want to get my master's degree
8. I want to teach college someday
9. We like to listen to NPR
10. Noah is working on his Master's of Ministry degree
11. We used to enjoy vacations to the woods
12. We now enjoy vacations to the city
13. We still own a house in Holland
14. We are a three vehicle family now, a golf cart, a camp van, and our van
15. I like to try new things, sometimes just to say I have tried it
16. I have eaten cow utter
17. I did my student teaching in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
18. We lived in a room in Costa Rica the summer of 2005
19. We lived in a room at Camp Barakel the summer of 2006
20. I have taken 6 years of Spanish and my husband still speaks it better than I do
21. I was 24 before I realized I was dyslexic
22. I have been to Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Columbia, and Panama
23. Noah has been to Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Bolivia and Panama.
24. Someday, I want to take a year and travel to 12 different countries.
25. I have a thing for office supplies
26. Especially pens...the inkier the better
27. My two best friends now live hundreds of miles away, Holland, MI and Phoenix AZ
28. My favorite color is Red
29. I have The Associated Press Guide to Punctuation, Martin Luther King Jr.'s Strength to Love, and Brennan Manning's The Ragamuffin Gospel sitting on my desk right now.
30. I had a protein shake for breakfast
31. One of my favorite pieces of furniture in our house is the bookshelf Noah made out of a pallet when we were first married.
32. I love baskets
33. I am knitting a scarf, it should be done by June
34. I don't like salt water
35. We use cloth diapers, most of the time
36. I want to learn how to cook better
37. We went to the Poconos on our Honeymoon
38. Someday, I want to see the US west of the Mississippi
39. My comfort foods are pasta, red sauce, feta, pita, hummus and greek salad
40. I don't really like Midwestern food
41. My husband loves it
42. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers
43. Noah has 2 brothers
44. We have 2 nieces and 2 nephews
45. They are all from Noah's brothers and their wives
46. I am the first person in my mom's family to go to college and graduate
47. I love a good museum
48. I miss the classroom
49. But not grading papers
50. I love that I get to stay at home with my boys!
51. I am a civics nerd
52. I am a history dork
53. We sometimes watch Nova specials for date night
54. Sometimes I talk too much
55. We enjoy having people over to just hang out
56. I value the Truth very much
57. I miss being close to the city
58. I didn't drink coffee until 3 years ago
59. I would rather be cold than hot
60. Noah hates rain
61. We have been at Barakel 1and 1/2 now
62. Noah is 100% Dutch
63. I am Irish and Scottish
64. I have been induced 3 times
65. Twice with Forrest
66. Once with Elliot
67. Noah wants to have twin girls
68. The thought of twins makes me scared!
69. We are missionaries here at Barakel, we raise our own support to be here
70. We live an hour from anything, and 2 hours from anything important
71. My favorite fabrics are linen and wool
72. I have never broken a bone
73. Noah has broken many
74. Noah was deaf in one ear from the time he was 5 until we were juniors in college
75. He now has a prosthetic bone in his ear and can hear about 50% out of that ear
76. I have never had a cavity
78. I have terrible vision, would be blind without contacts
79. I grew up in Middleville, MI
80. Noah grew up in Traverse City, MI
81. I love trying new foods
82. Noah, not so much
83. I have been to Niagara Falls more than I can count
84. I don't like cell phones
85. We have two
86. I don't have an electric mixer
87. I want a garbage disposal
88. I get scared about raising kids
89. I want to keep learning
90. I need to vacuum
91. Noah is making ice today
92. We are going to Florida this March
93. I have been on this Christian journey for 23 years
94. I will be 28 in February
95. Noah will be 29 in July
96. I always keep my fingernails short
97. I don't like being misunderstood
98. I love to get gifts for people
99. I don't like folding socks
100. I am woefully behind on Baby Books
101. I am done.


  1. really enjoyed your 101 random facts and learning more about both of you! and i get scared about raising kids, too. and i don't like cell phones. and there are others we have in common, just for kicks! hope you have a great day!

  2. I don't have an electric mixer either and would really like one.

    I loved your list! I am going to do this sometime!

    I am finally feeling better today, thank you for commenting in my time of need. :)

  3. umm.. i like the two back to back of.... i need to vacuum.. noah is making ice.. :)


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