Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It's one of those days I hated even as a kid...

You know, where mom is busy doing stuff she doesn't really want to do, like unpacking from 8 days way, dealing with insurance, bureaucracy, and rebates, and trying to plan dinner. As a kid I hated it because it just felt weird to have mom all stressed. The house was a mess because she was trying to get stuff done, and clean, so there were always places you couldn't walk, weird smells, and she couldn't sit down to play.

Well, now I am the mom doing stuff I don't want to do and I can tell my boys don't like it either. Forrest has been throwing Cheerios all over the house, 'cause that's helpful when trying to clean. Elliot has been screaming like a banchy (is that how you spell that?) because he can't put himself to sleep....what a harried day!

But I did have a talk with Elliot about how it's time to go to sleep and he needs to be quiet. That there is nothing wrong with him, he has clean pants, a full tummy and a mommy and daddy who love him (is that weird to give a lecture to a seven week old?) I put in his cradle in our room and shut the door, ready for him to scream it out...and he didn't. He laid there for a while, quiet and the next time I went to check on him, he was asleep...maybe he just needed to be bored enough by no people to fall asleep...kind of like why you put a blanket over a parrot cage...hmmmmmm, maybe he did understand what I told him. There was a kind of knowing look in his eye.

Forrest, after getting a lesson in "when mommy says to do something you say 'ok mom' and do it" is now quiet in his bed. Maybe, for just a few minutes I will be able to think.

Assuming my brain is at functioning capacity this morning.


  1. You can do it!! I'm right here with you -- cleaning every inch of the inside of the fridge so there will be NO STICKINESS whatsoever! Woo hoo! Yesterday was the bathroom. Eep! I don't have the added fun of two little ones around the house -- but I do have a puppy who decided to disembowel his favorite pillow just a little bit ago... I looked over the counter to find pieces of white fluff everywhere (and a very satisfied-looking puppy). You can do it, Liz!

  2. Sometimes babies need a good lecture, and I believe they understand every word. :)

    I think I would spell it "banshee", but I don't know if that's right either!

  3. oh liz, i can hear the frustration in your post. hoping your day got brighter... that forrest started listening and that elliot took a nice long nap!

  4. a blanket over the head (like with the parrot you referred to) is a GREAT way to get a baby to fall asleep... it was the only way I could get David to sleep for weeks! there is just too much to look at!

    and I totally understand where you are coming from... days like that usually end up with Jenny strapped in her high chair screaming and David in his crib screaming and me counting the minutes til Jason gets home from work or I'm ready to walk out the door (depending on the circumstance)

    hope your day went better and the rest of your week goes well! :)


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