Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I like a clean house

I really enjoy coming home to a clean house. I love it when I work hard to have everything in order before we leave. It makes coming home even nicer. The dishes are all clean and in the cupboards, or at least clean in the dishwasher. The laundry all done and in the drawers. The bathroom sparkling. The living room free of random toys. Sometimes I even get clean sheets on the beds...

Didn't happen this time.

My house is a WRECK! What kind of "hogs," to quote my mother, live here?! Who leaves the house in this kind of mess. Yuck.

Not quite sure how I am going to tackle all of this this week. In addition to all of this, I still have a van full of stuff that needs to be unpacked from our 8 days away. Pray for me...this is going to be a week!


  1. i'm totally with you on the clean house. i'm always running around like a crazy person before we leave to try to clean. mike is always saying, honey you are stressing out for nothing, but i say.. but i NEED the house to be clean when I get home... I"m sorry no little elves showed up for you.

  2. I can honestly say - I UNDERSTAND! Our house looked that way a week or so ago and its totally overwhelming. don't try to tackle it all in one day - like i did. its exhausting. i'm sure you'll be back to normal soon enough.


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