Thursday, January 1, 2009

When I write my book...

I have been saying this for years.

I have a longing to put things down on paper that will change the way people think about things. I want to craft something that will make a lasting impression on those who read it. I have never really known where to start though, or if I have anything to say that would be important enough.

Last fall, a writer friend of mine let me borrow a book, Crafting a Life. It was really great, all about the writing process, about the need to be writing everyday, writing about things you know, thinking like a writer, stuff that sounded really good, and I really wanted to try.

But I had no audience. I tried writing just to write. Even named a folder on my computer "Just Write" to remind myself that is what I needed to do. But it seemed empty. And I doubted that I had anything important to say. I never stuck with it.

This last year I started blogging and just last week, when I was having coffee with my writer friend I realized I have been writing. Not every day, but several times a week. Most days it's nothing profound, but I am still writing. And I find myself thinking like a writer. Trying to come up with the perfect sentence, that intriguing title, that little bit of sarcastic wit.

I also have an audience now, and this gives me a purpose for the writing. Still not sure if I have anything important to say, or that I am changing the way people think, but I can tell you that white vinegar is a good cleaner, or what happened at the local hardware the other night. Maybe along the way, some of my thoughts about life seep out.

Thank you, dear reader, for giving me a reason to write. And while I don't assume that I am changing your thoughts, thanks for reading my first drafts.


  1. Is that book by Donald Murray??? I couldn't find it through the online catalog but did find one with that title on Amazon. I enjoy reading what you write. Bethany loves to write but struggles sticking with it. She does belong to an English Writing Group at Cornerstone though,

  2. :) i enjoy reading your blogs.

  3. I too enjoy your blog. Thanks for writing!!

  4. Hi Liz,

    Yes, the group is spending part of their cross cultural experience with us here in Joburg. They've been a riot to have around! They're keeping us busy. One of the professors is the chair of the music department, Dr. Bruce Brown, and the other is a phys. ed/softball coach named Deb.


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