Monday, October 6, 2008

Call of the Wild Museum

Being that it was Monday and it had been a while since we have been out of camp as family, we decided to go do something. Not wanting to travel too far, we landed on Gaylord and the searching began.

I goggled "family activities in Gaylord" and discovered a wapping 2 things to do. One was The Bavarian Falls Park and the other was the Call of the Wild Museum. Both owned by the same people.

Not totally sure that this would be worth the drive or the $14 to get in, we headed out anyway, thinking at least we could look for new shoes and get some dinner at somewhere other than McDonald's.

Let me just say that for our family, with our particular 18 month old, who happens to know the difference between an elk, a moose, and a deer, the Call of the Wild Museum was worth all of the above! Forrest talked for 45 minutes non stop about the deer, elk, moose, beaver, ducks, birds and osos (bear).

After we finished the museum, the lady in the gift shop told us there was an elk farm just down the road that you could visit for free. We thought that might be worth checking out. It was neat, but the elk were more intrested in sitting in the shade than investigating the visitors (read: us). Forrest did have fun digging in the dirt and sitting on a stump though. We will probably make a trip back there another time.

We did end up shoe shopping and going out for dinner as well. Noah found some shoes very much on clearance and we had a great dinner at a pizza buffet.

It was a good Monday.

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  1. sounds like a fun monday! looks like forrest really enjoyed himself!


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