Sunday, October 12, 2008

All Aboard!

In an effort to keep my mind off being so pregnant, Noah suggested we ride the Michigan AuSable Valley Railroad, which is in, would you believe, Fairview.

It was a 20 minute ride on a 1/4 scale passenger train, which was just long enough. They have it open all summer and then for the first two weekends in October for a Color Tour train. It was a fun little trip this afternoon.

Although we are coming to the end of these fun little trips around us...maybe we need to space them out more...


  1. I did the train when I was up for the last Ladies retreat! It was funs!

  2. sounds like fun! love the fall colors!

  3. yeah... it's crazy isn't!?! i'm still just reeling from it all. they knew we didn't want to know... i think it's because we had the amnio done, there was more info in the chart than normal. they told me they don't put in the chart if you don't want to know, so i'm guessing it's because of that.. still frustrating after waiting all that time though...


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