Thursday, October 2, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods

To Buela's House We Go...

Forrest is going to Buela's for the first time overnight by himself this weekend. Noah has to stay at camp for the retreat and I am going to a conference with my sister- in -law in Grand Rapids.

We packed up the suitcases tonight and Forrest was ready to head out right then.

He wasn't too happy when we told him we needed to wait until morning.


  1. Are you going to Hearts at Home? I went last year. It was fantastic! Enjoy!! I think it should be a requirement for all mommies to go!

  2. oh he's so cute! i love the second pic where he looks so upset about not leaving yet...precious!

  3. yeah.... probably not the wisest move nov. 8th, but it could be a good story?! :) yeah, we LOVE that area.... we didn't do empire bluff, but i love that place, perhaps more than pierce stocking... we went to the lighthouse up north of northport.. not on mission penninsula... but how cool that he got babysat there.. that's freakin' awesome!
    it was COLD though... we definitely were missing the days of the cabin... we were thankful for a space heater, that was our only saving grace.... that and lots of hot drinks in the morning to warm up our slushy frozen selves!


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