Saturday, August 16, 2008

Music Man

Because his mom has made him listen to the wonderful music of the 40's for the last month, and because that music is just that good, Forrest has figured out how to dance. He is also honing his piano skills...for his next number he will play "Camp Barakel."


  1. lol, I love cute baby videos! Thanks for the encouragement last week--it was just what I needed.

    Also, I realized that I never got back with you on diaper bags. You're probably way more organized than I and have already taken care of it, but just in case here are some details.

    This is one a friend of mine has, which I love (and so does she, for her 29 mo. old and 9 mo. old). You can find it at Baby's R Us or online:

    And, I can't find online info for my diaper bag anywhere... Grrr! It's made by Land's End, but I don't know if they've stopped carrying it in the past year or if it's just not available online. If I find any more info, I'll certainly pass it along.

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  2. liz, thanks for ALL the info. It is encouraging to hear from someone who wasn't gun-ho about nursing either.....we'll have to chat! :) Bras are a concern, there is no doubt, but tis true, you DO understand my dilemna. ;)
    i've been looking at slings quite a bit actually because we ar looking at getting a Britax carseat from the beginning which would mean something to carry baby around in. I've been looking at Moby Wraps. Emily Davidson has one and still carries Lexi (who is 4 and 35lbs in it) I tried it on and put Lex in and could hardly feel her...
    Did you use medium fuzzi bunz from the beginning with Forrest? I"ve been trying to decide on sizing. We found a store in Ann Arbor that we can actually register at that sells them, so I think we might do that, to try to cut the cost of some of them....

    hope you are having fun on your vacation!!! : LOVE YOU

  3. Ok, it's me again. I finally found the info for my diaper bag--guess they were hiding it on the website or whatever. It has the added bonus of bein less pricey than many diaper bags too!

    Have a wonderful vacation!!!!


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