Sunday, July 27, 2008

Surprise dinner...don't tell

So, I was inspired tonight. I am not sure what did it, maybe the extra time on my hands, maybe the fact that my husband needs a day of nothingness tomorrow. So while he was away leading firebowl, getting counselor snack ready, and do all of the other things that come up for a programer to do, I made a fun dinner for our day off tomorrow. The plan is to be able to just stick it in the oven, make a quick salad, and call it good.

From this recipe, I was even able to make another pan to freeze for a new baby meal. My goal is to stick meals away in the freezer little by little this fall, so that when the new one comes, I don't have to think too much about dinners. Doesn't it look yummy?! I can't wait until tomorrow night.

I am trying something brand new for dessert. Homemade peach sorbet in hollowed-out peaches. I found the idea in one of those parenting magazines and it just looked like too much fun. Then my mother-in-law brought fresh Michigan peaches (some of the first of the season) this weekend.
I hope the sorbet turns out!


  1. hey - so i've been using my sling a LOT lately - especially during vbt and have gotten a lot of comments from women at church. in fact, there is one girl that would like one. are you still making them? she said she would be willing to buy it from you. let me know!

  2. Its Ashley (VanDyke) Coppersmith. She is expecting her 3rd and she could really use the sling. I can't remember who else was asking about it, but I got so many compliments and I credited you!

  3. yeah for surprise dinners for hubby's! :) hope you enjoy your "weekend" today.

  4. the dinner and dessert look delicious! the peach sorbet recipe sounds great! enjoy!


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