Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Secret Weapon

This summer, Forrest has sworn off veggies. Not really sure why...he didn't mind them at all as a little baby. But suddenly he wouldn't eat them. No little frozen peas, no green beans, no broccoli, nothing.

So, after much weeping, wailing, and talking with other moms, we hit on something that I will call my "secret weapon"...pancakes with veggies hidden within! Forrest things they are "bread" which is one of his favorite things, so he gobbles them up like crazy! The kid will eat 3 small pancakes a morning! And he is getting all kinds of good stuff...this morning it was zucchini pancakes. Being a mom takes a lot of creativity and brain power!


  1. what a fabulous idea, liz! i must try that. i know liberty had the same problem..she LOVED veggies as a baby, but not so much anymore.

  2. that's hysterical liz!! I love it! do you eat them too?

  3. excellent!!!
    you should get the deceptively delicious cookbook! it has all sorts of secret ways to sneak veggies...

  4. From one mom to another THANKS! my girls are getting to the point where they hate veggies. They would eat an entire watermelon but stick in anything green and "NO WAY" . By the way . . . we love getting your updates! Congrates on the new baby on the way and that little Forrest sure is a cutie!

    Barb (Blain) Martin


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