Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rosie and Romans

I love Rosie. I want to be like her. Perfect skin, great eyes, and the determination to keep the country running while the men are away fighting evil. Those area all good things to strive for. Unfortunately, the perfect skin will never be mine, but the determination she showed, that is something I really want.

I found Rosie at a funky little shop in South Haven about 3 years ago. She was a must have, and for several years she graced my classroom, giving her encouragement of "We Can Do It!" In those days, that meant making it through lesson plans, grading tests, and a multitude of other hard things.

She has been packed away in the basement since we moved. Today I was on a mission to find her. I needed her encouragement. "We Can Do It!" Now I need it for changing the 5th stinky diaper of the morning, doing that next load of laundry, and spending another night by myself while Noah is in camp.

"We Can Do It!" Not in our own strength of course. There is no way I can do all that I am called to on my own. "We" as in Him and I. And I was reminded "...that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us." (Romans 8:18)

So now Rosie is on my filing cabinet, perfect skin after all these years. How old is she now anyway?

Now, to that basket of clothes.


  1. beautiful. her skin i mean. :) and your post of course. thanks for the reminder that "we" doesn't just include the Father, it IS HIM!

  2. it reminds me of the verse that says our strength is made perfect in HIM..... have a good day, friend!!

  3. great post...great reminder! yes, we are excited about this move. the girls and i will be flying out on aug 30, and jonathan will drive out a couple weeks after that. i haven't even unpacked everything here yet, so that's a plus. i need to get some boxes soon so i can pack a little each day. i am feeling pretty good. so glad to be starting the 2nd trimester. i feel like my tummy is much bigger at this point than with the other pregnancies (maybe b/c i hadn't lost all the weight from leila's pregnancy). anyway...good luck with everything today...i hear ya on the stinky diapers and the laundry! praying for you!

  4. ps...how are you feeling these days?


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