Saturday, July 19, 2008

Doing Something

Can you believe we live in the "Wild Turkey Capital" of Michigan?
Can you believe there is such a distinction?
Would you believe that the next burg over
is the "Black Bear Capital" of Michigan?

After a little bit of a "we live in the middle of no where, there is nothing to do, why did I do this?" meltdown last night, from which I have since recovered, I decided it was time to get out and do something, anything!

The big new attraction in Fairview is the Farmers' Market on Saturdays. As far as I understand, this is the first year they have had it. So, with Forrest up earlier than I would have liked this morning, we got dressed and headed out to see what we could see.

We first had to stop off at the bank to deposit a check and the post office to mail a package (to our disappointment Tom wasn't there...sometime I need to tell you about Tom the post office guy...remind me). Then it was off to the Farmers' Market.

I had to check my expectations. In Holland we had a great Farmers' Market twice a week. There were all kinds of interesting things and people. You could even hear people speaking in several different languages. I knew I probably wouldn't experience that in Fairview, but again, it was something to do.

It wasn't bad for such a small place and for the first year. There were 4 stands, a crate of Phoenix pullets for $5 each and a notice that you could purchase Talose geese and a variety of ducks from the same vendor. Forrest wasn't too sure about the pullets. The owner even took one out so he could get a better look, and he made it abundantly clear that he did not like that! We come away with some nice local produce as well.

Not too bad for such a small town

Forrest and the pullets...not too sure

White radishes, sugar snap peas, zucchini and blueberries, yum!

Our errands being done, and the market having been thoroughly seen, I just couldn't bear to go home (we left the house 20 minutes before!), so we went for a little drive.

I, in attempt to keep learning, have been reading up on photography. I want to get to the point where I don't just accidentally end up with a great photo, I want to know that it will be great as I am taking it. I thought to grab my camera before we left, so I tried to capture some of what you would see if you came to visit us. I am not sure any of these photos would qualify as great. Some of that I am sure is because I didn't leave my car and because I couldn't take as much time as I wanted due to the darling little boy in the back seat.

So, that was my attempt at getting out and doing something. The whole trip lasted an hour, but it was something.


  1. looks like you got some great produce from the farmer's market...yum! i loved all the pictures. you took some great ones (in my non-photographer opinion). i, too, love taking pictures and would like to learn to take good ones on purpose :). i'm glad you were able to get out, even if for an hour!

  2. hooray for the farmers market! ;) i'm glad you were feeling a little better after your trip. hang in there!! i'm sure once noah is around a little more often that will help ease the lonliness of camp. love you!


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