Monday, June 19, 2017

Here We Go Again

So, it's here.  Today we leave for six months in the States.  We'll spend the majority of our time MI, but we're going to start out with a bang by flying from Costa Rica to Seattle and then driving east to see the country!

Yes, we've clearly lost our minds.  Four kids in a mini van for 11 days is gonna be awesome!  No really, I think it's gonna be a fanatic trip full of memories for the kids.  We'll probably want to repeat it in a few years when Quinn and Lucía are a bit bigger (or not, we'll see if we make to end of this trip.) but it just seemed like a good time in our family to do something a little bit nutty like this.

For today though, it's all about planes.  We leave San Jose at 2:00 pm, and land in Houston around 7 and the it's on to Seattle where we'll land at the local time of midnight.

Would you pray with us for safe flights, cooperative kids and easy customs?

Thanks guys!

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