Friday, June 9, 2017

Haciendo Conexiones

This last week, Iglesia Union in partnership with the YWAM Herdia base, put together a 3 day retreat for our missionaries on support raising called Haciendo Conexiones (Making Connections)

This is an area full of big questions and some bad theology for a lot of missionaries.  As a church, we wanted to invest in our missionaries so they can be freed up financially to pursue the dreams God has for each of their ministries.

What a fun time!  No, I really mean it!  We had six of the current Union missionaries there, along with three more people from church who are interested in missions.  We also had about 12 YWAM Heredia folks there too!  Because of the mixed group, we translated everything from English to Spanish and back again depending on who was teaching.  Love how God is using people from every tribe and nation and language group to reach every tribe and nation and language group!

And I am telling you, these people were great!!  We had laid out a packed schedule and they stuck with us the whole time!  They were full of great questions and ideas.

We talked about the biblical basis for support raising, the nuts and bolts of actually making appointments, talking to churches and small groups, how to keep in contact with supporters, how to say thank you, and how to budget.  Like I said, it was a super full couple of days! There were a couple of camp games thrown in too, just for good measure!

While Noah and I did a lot of the teaching, we also asked our friend SofĂ­a to teach on some passages in the Old Testament where we see people asking for funding (did I mention she is an amazing Old Testament Professor at a seminary here?).  Our pastor, Paul taught on stewardship and Harold, an accountant in our church, taught on budgeting.  Such good stuff!!

Pray with us over the next few weeks, that these missionaries would make time to do the hard work of getting together their materials and ideas, and that God would bless their efforts to be fully funded so they can be effective in the ministries He has them in.

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