Friday, April 1, 2016

Forrest's Birthday

Hard to believe we now have a 9 year old!!  While Forrest's actual birthday is today, we celebrated last week.  Something about having a party 5 days before another baby being born seems like a risky move.  So instead we had his party on his due date!

This year he really wanted to invite his two best buddies from school over, which seemed like a great idea.  Here the whole family comes to the party, so it was Forrest's two friends, their sisters, and their moms and dads.

Forrest wanted fish and rice and beans for lunch (a very typical meal you would order for lunch in a restaurant here).  He also wanted a chocolate cake with strawberries in the middle, and since it was his birthday after all, we used the homemade strawberry jam from Michigan Buela made last summer!  So good!

We're so thankful for what a neat kid Forrest is.  He's full of ideas, and is curious about the world around him (thus the cake) and has a strong sense of the Truth, which he isn't afraid to tell you all about it!  God is going to do big things with that!! Happy Birthday Forrest!!!

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