Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The All Consuming Wait

So.  I still have a back log of things to tell you about, and want to really devote a whole post to a few things, like the time all my aunts and uncles came to visit, or the baby shower our church here threw us.  Or how amazing Easter was this year.

But the all consuming thing right now is the impending arrival of Baby Girl!  We're down to 7 days if all goes according to plan, which we all know how these things behave in regards to plans.

About 3 weeks ago the doctor told me I really needed to take it easy.  It's the height of dry season and I've been having contractions off and on, which with this being the third baby to be born by c section, doctors don't like you to actually go into labor.   Then just to be sure that I understood he really meant it, he said "Or you can stay in the hospital for the next couple of weeks".  Ummm, yeah, we'll work on me taking it easy at home, thank you very much. 

So, I've been  off my feet a lot.  And frankly that's driving me nuts!  There are lots of things that need to be done to make a household run well that require mom being on her feet.  But can I just tell you all, God has answered so many prayers that we prayed for years in regards to community here?  A neighbor has come once a week to clean my house!  A friend had dropped by about once a week just to fold laundry.  Another friend planned, and cooked an amazing Easter dinner, which they brought to our house, and then brought us some of the leftovers while another friend cleaned up from the meal
!  Other people have offered to help with Quinn, and to drive the big boys to and from school.  Guys, 5 years ago we didn't have any sort of support network like this here! 

I've been able to go to church still, and be up enough to cook dinner most days (if I do it in the morning).  Maybe because it's been so hot, or because I am  older this time, or the altitude (I blame almost anything on the altitude)  This last month of pregnancy has just wiped me out.  When people ask me how I am feeling I tell them "pregnant. I feel very pregnant." 

So, we're in the home stretch now.  I've planned something each day, just to keep my mind off of the waiting and to keep Quinn occupied.  My mom comes in Monday and then Wednesday we head in to have this baby! Can't wait for her to live on the outside.

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