Friday, June 26, 2015

Just a Quick Note

So just a quick pop in to say we're alive and kicking.
It's been one week.
Huh.  Sure feels longer than that!  We've been the process of unpacking, and reoraganizing the house.  For some reason, I thought that we would be able to just come home and unpack and be back up to speed, sorta like coming home from a vacation.  That is not how it's panned out, for a lot of reasons. 

We're also doing some major overhaul to our laundry room and building some epic shelves and a shed since our great friend Jamie is with us and she has all sorts of skillz in those areas.

We've also had to take the 4Runner into the shop, and work through the process of renewing our residency, and get the boys enrolled in school again, and, and, and.

There has also been some visiting of volcanos and plans to see the ocean at some point.

We were able to go to a birthday party on Saturday and it was so good to be home with our friends. 

Alright, now that you're all up to speed, it's off unpack and sort and build some more.

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