Thursday, June 18, 2015

Here We Go!

We're off!  By the time you read this, we will have already put in many hours in the airport.  Here's the run down.

2:00 am Wake up
2:30 am Leave for the airport
3:00 am Arrive, check in 12 duffel bags and 1 car seat bag.  Take the 5 roller bags, 5 back packs, 1 stroller and 3 kids through security and get ourselves set up at the gate.

5:30 am Take off from Grand Rapids and fly to Baltimore
8:30 am Take off from Baltimore to San Jose, Costa Rica.

Arrive 11:30 Costa Rican time (which will feel like 1:30 Michigan Time)  Collect all bags, make it through customs and immigration.  Head to our house!!

Would your pray with us about a few things?
  • For easy going kids
  • For our friend Jamie who is coming with us!!  She is a brave woman to decided to help us move!  And we love her!
  • For perfect connections, that our bags would all get to where they need to be
  • For understand folks wherever we are



  1. Hi Liz! Where did you get these bags? They look good. We are just getting ready to move abroad too.

    1. the green bags are Kelty brand basecamp duffels...I think they have been discontinued though. We did just get something called tote a ton from Samsonite off of Amazon and those are great! About $20/bag!

  2. Seems these bags are all sold out :( Were they the Large or XL?


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